Trial Strategy

Trial strategy starts the very first day of taking a case, before pleadings are even filed. Creating and honing an effective trial strategy and themes that bring that strategy to life is crucial to winning in the courtroom. Kellye helps attorneys develop their strategy with a focus on how jurors will perceive and understand the case, which is vital to a successful outcome.  

Focus Groups / Mock Trials

With a solid trial strategy in place, focus groups and mock trials can test all elements of a case or just individual themes or particular arguments. Conducting a research project allows lawyers not only to practice their own skills, but to gain essential feedback from mock jurors. After consultation and determination of a client's research needs, Kellye will specifically tailor a focus group or mock trial that meets those needs. No case is too small to benefit from a research project. 

Witness Preparation

Witnesses are the voice of a case. Cases live and die by the witnesses: if a witness cannot communicate effectively with the jury, it does not matter how compelling their story is. Kellye works with witnesses or parties involved to prepare for deposition or court testimony with an eye on succinct and powerful communication.

Jury Selection

Jury Selection is the most important part of trial. Even the best trial strategy and most prepared witnesses cannot win over those jurors whose value systems and beliefs are fundamentally opposite to a case. Developing an effective voir dire is paramount to identify problem jurors. Preparation of supplemental juror questionnaires, voir dire questions, and in-court juror evaluations are all central components to a successful voir dire.