Kellye is often requested to write, speak and interview for accredited organizations on her experiences in the trial consulting industry. Here are a few examples of her featured work.

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written publications

Defending the Wrongfully Accused in the #MeToo Era


 Trial consultant Kellye Raymond was quoted in this article written by Mike Howard.

Everything a Juror Needs to Decide a Case They Learned in Kindergarten


In kindergarten, children learn to work through problems. Serving on a jury requires a parallel process: Jurors come together with all different life experiences and they must work together to reach a verdict.

Want to Be Whole? Stop Thinking, Start Listening


Tools such as mindfulness and meditation can help you be both a better lawyer, and more importantly, a better person—whether it's to improve focus, or to combat depression or substance abuse.

Picking Your PI Jury


When preparing for voir dire in a personal injury case the first thing you must do is take a hard look at your case and determine if you need a liability jury or a damages jury.

Communicate Like President Trump to Grab Your Jury


 Simple Messages. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, every trial lawyer can learn from Donald Trump's communication techniques.


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